Haiku challenge

Ok, me ha tocado. Esto es para compartir con escritores extranjeros, o quienes entiendan inglés. (This is to share with foreigner writers, o those who can read in English).

I´m sorry, I´m on a challenge! 🙂

The terrific writer Dan Alatorre issued a challenge to write a Haiku, with the Japanese 5-7-5 “syllable” scheme. He provided a link to a random topic generator (http://www.conversationstarters.com/generator.php) for us to write a Haiku on whichever topic appears first (no cheating, the first topic only!).

I´m not having a stroke (we were supposed to clear it up), I´m not SO crazy, I´m weird enough, I know! But please, be merciful, it´s just a game! By the way, I´ve NEVER written a haiku, not even in Spanish. OMG! Why in English, Dan? This is not fair, but I´ll forgive you (you know I couldn´t reach the previous challenge, no time to translate!).

My question is: How have you changed since you were younger?

And here it goes:

I´m a bit wiser

Not living where I was born

But smiling even more.

I´m laughing alone… this is dangerous! Thanks, Dan 😉

Via FLASH FICTION CHALLENGE with a twist! | Dan Alatorre – AUTHOR.

2 Comentarios Agrega el tuyo

    1. Poli Impelli dice:

      Ahhhhhh! (Argentinian way: exaggerating emotions). Thanks for being here!
      Y gracias por responder in Spanish ;-). Thanks to you for the challenge.

      Me gusta

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